Why Freddi? Discover our mission, organization and history.

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The company’s roots reach deep within the marked predisposition for mechanical design of the founder, Mr. Corrado Freddi who, back in the second half of the Sixties, began to intuit the need for automation in small local production businesses immersed in the Italian economic boom of those decades.

And so, our story began, in a small town shop where we began designing and constructing machines and automated systems for various sectors: agriculture, food and packaging..

This is how the first automatic peeling machine was born, along with other automation solutions, thanks to which Officina Freddi began making a name for itself and establishing business relationships with leading manufacturers of automatic machines who entrusted us with the “turnkey” creation of machines based on their designs. These new opportunities allowed the company to grow both from a technical point of view and in terms of production potential, so much so that at the end of the Seventies, Officina Freddi began manufacturing automatic machines with its own trademark..

During the first half of the Eighties, the “Freddi” trademark was already well-known at a domestic level, also thanks to important multinational clients (first and foremost, Unilever); from here to the international market, was but a small distance to travel. Indeed, the first production lines for container forming machines in Japan (Mitsubishi Group) as well as important manufacturers of bottling lines assigned the supply of special machines for installation in their plants the world over to Officina Freddi (always under the “Freddi” trademark)..

The rest is recent history; before us are the new challenges of the global market, striving towards innovative solutions for both standard and customised machines and systems.

For over forty years, Officina Freddi s.r.l. has been providing personalized solutions, designing and manufacturing packaging machines.

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