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Our patented systems for the recovery of packaged products allow for continuous or discontinuous handling of rejected production batches or warehouse returns.

Product uncapping is reliable and fast and emptying takes place by force of gravity, therefore without stressing the product. The system can work on bottles with a crown cap, a screw cap, corks and even tin cans. We offer different types of machines, according to the throughout speed required, which both use the same basic principle of operation.


Automatic Decapper DT-A-B/3600

The machine is dedicated to the bottling industry, on the line for the evacuation and recovery of products.
The discarded product is sent to the machine which takes off the lids and empties the glass bottles. (closed with a crowned metal cap) or to cut and empty tins. The removed lids are gathered into a container whilst the product is recovered in a hopper lying beneath.

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Automatic Decapper DT-A-B/500

The machine is dedicated to recovery of line rejects or production leftovers.
The machine’s operating scale is particularly suited to wine production companies or for medium/low capacity production lines. The machine is compact-sized and has a limited weight, and is therefore suited for either fixed in-line assembly or movable configurations.

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