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Aseptic bag emptying system ISV-A-SA/2

The system is able to automatically empty sterile bags containing semi-dense products (tomato concentrate)and send it via a pump to the reprocessing and packing cycle.

The processing phases available are:

  • depalletisation of drums containing the bags;
  • stacking of the empty pallets;
  • automatic overturning of the drum with the subsequent evacuation of the bag;
  • automatic washing of the bag using spray nozzles installed on all sides of the tunnel;
  • cutting and emptying of the bag using pressing rollers;
  • storage of empty bags;
  • hopper complete with pump to release the product;
  • stacker of empty conical metal drums;
  • palletisation of the piles of empty drums.

Caratteristiche produttive:

terile bags of 200KG in metal trunk-conical drums.


Dati tecnici:

Installed potential: 20 KW
Compressed air consumption: 50 Nl/min. a 6 bar.
Productivity: n. 2 cycles/min.

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