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Basket loader CE-A-L/3

This loader is designed to receive cylindrical tin boxes from a table-top belt conveyor and stack them in a metal crate with a false bottom.

The machine combines high-performance, reliability and simplicity of use for the operator.

Product layer picking and handling is carried out by a patented, new-generation magnetic head; this head is installed on a pneumatic-drive carriage that runs on tracks with a low-friction coefficient, thereby guarantying silence and practically zero maintenance.

The modular machine design allows for a variety of more or less automated configurations, which may also be integrated subsequently; indeed, customers may chose between versions that provide for manual or automated divider insertion right up to the most evolved version that provides for automated basket handling.


Technical data:

Throughput speed up a 4 layers/min
Installed power: 2,4 kW
Cir consumption: 170 Nl/min. a 6 bar


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