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One or more ways table-top modular conveyors

Our standard table-tops chain conveyors are made through a modular system that enables the highest flexibility in the most various applications. Each conveyor can be one or more ways and it can have chains of different lengths.

he type of shutter chain conveyors are:

  • Straightaway motion conveyors
  • Curvilinear motion conveyors

Both of them can have carbon steel and stainless steel chains as much as acetified resin.

Including the modularity our conveyors are very distinctive for:

  • Robust set-up of the structure
  • A steal realization of all the assembling parts (brackets, guide supports, etc.)
  • Employment of all the procedures materials for the best reduction of rumours
  • Simplicity and rapidity in the regulation of guides
  • Different ways of motordrive realization (gearmotor, convertor, inverter managed motors or brushless) in required trademarks


It’s about modular products, straight and curvilinear, suitable for the convey of bottles, jars, pots, cans, etc. capable of serving and connecting different machines placed within the same facility.

The added value of FREDDI’s chain table-top modular conveyors:

High level of sturdiness
Capacity to stand heavy loads
High speeds (that you can modulate through inverter administrate by PLC operated)
Low coefficient of friction
Accurate modularity
Availability of different lengths and ways
Sure cleaning of all the parts
Impounder for the greasing of elevated friction zones
Quick and easy assembly and disassembly of the chains
Quick sizing (if necessary)


For over forty years, Officina Freddi s.r.l. has been providing personalized solutions, designing and manufacturing packaging machines.

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