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Palletizers PA-A-CL/3

This machine represents a mid-range, traditional palletising system.

The advantages of this machine consist in the possibility of simultaneously palletising two different products on two separate pallets and in the optimum flexibility it provides.

Based on customer requirements, the machine can be top-loaded or bottom-loaded; it may be equipped with a layer pad insertion mechanism directly on the unloading head as well as with a system that automatically ties the layers.

The machine may be fitted with various types of heads:
- Shutter gripper head (for cartons, cases, bundles),
- Magnetic gripper head (for loose cans or jars),
- Gripper head with pincers or pneumatic tubes (for PET bottles).

Productive characteristics:

Product handled: cartons, shrink-wrapped bundles, cases, bottles, cans, jars, et

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