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Automatic tray erector FO-AM-H2/8

The machine is able to mould trays (by hot-melt closure) obtained by matched cardboards blanks.

The following technical features enable the machine to answer to the various requirements concerning the packaging market:

  • Very fast and easy change size without wrenches and without replacement of parts.
  • Possibility (on request) to mould trays having different angle closure kinds, for example:
    • 90° corners closure.
    • Bevelled external limb overlay (bevels having different angles).
    • Round angles (very useful for bottles locking and stability).
    • Possibility to manufacture mixed kinds of closures: for ex. nr. 2 round corners and nr. 2 bevelled corners).
  • Possibility to feed manually the blanks to the dynamic blanks magazine during the machine running. This opportunity provides an output continuity.
  • On request, the machine is equipped with a trays outlet conveyor.
  • A 180° tray turner unit can be installed on the outlet conveyor. The unit is necessary when the palletizing line needs trays and turned trays.
  • On the outlet conveyor there is the possibility to install a tray centring device at the gripping point.

Productive characteristics:

Matched cardboard blank sheet.
Dimensions of erected trays:
MAX: 640x840x150H mm.
MIN: 360x560x80H mm.
Closure with N. 2 hot melt strips for each corner
Machine’s output: 8 tray/minute


Technical data:

Installed power: 7 kW
Compressed air consuption: 180 Nl/minute at 6 bar


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