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"Caronte" magnetic conveyor mod. EV-A-B

The machine is normally fixed on specific bottling lines with metallic crown cap or twist-top for bottles lockup. This process has as aim the elimination of any glass shreds and any lying bottles on the conveyor.

or reason inherent at the product and at the working process, we advise the installation of the machine right at the downstream of the pasteurizer, where, for very elevated thermical shock, internal pressure at the bottles and for flowed bottles, you may find failures and this failures may sometime be very numerous.

This situation conditions the production at the downstream and it engraves the efficiency of the line also bringing penalties the maintenance itself, also because all the glass shreds wear the mechanical parts hindering the regular bottles flow.
The installations we made up to now have given our costumers the opportunity to avoid any kind of troubles making them very satisfied.

This working concept consist in a stream conveying process where the bottles are transferred from a feeding conveyor to a discharged (in between there is an air space). The bottles are held trough the metallic cap by a permanent magnets system.

All the glass shreds and the laying bottles fall down on a conveyor that carries in a transversal way to an eventual collecting point.

Our machine can be applied on any type of conveyors

Technical characteristics of the machine

  • Option to install the machine onto various types of conveyors (differing styles and sizes). 
  • Option to provide a transportation system for unloading and stacking, capable of separating the glass from the whole bottles and piling them onto an appropriate conveyor.
  • Fast and simple adjustment of format change.

Productive characteristics:

Measurements of the closed bottles with metal cap, either crown or twist-top
Height max 320 mm. - min. 100 mm.
Weight max 1,5 Kg.

Technical data:

Installed potential:: 4 kW
The speed of the bottle transfer is in relation to the speed of the line, with the option of providing an independent motor or to utilise that of the existing line.


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