Tailor made solutions for packaging machines

For more than 40 years dedicated to design and manufacturing packaging machines

Palletizers Robopal

Officina Freddi’s ROBOPAL palletising systems use robots to provide a highly flexible and modular alternative to traditional systems.

Basket loader CE-A-L/3

This loader is designed to receive cylindrical tin boxes from a table-top belt conveyor and stack them in a metal crate with a false bottom.

Automatic Decapper DT-A-B/3600

The machine is dedicated to the bottling industry, on the line for the evacuation and recovery of products.
The discarded product is sent to the machine which takes off the lids and empties the glass bottles. (closed with a crowned metal cap) or to cut and empty tins. The removed lids are gathered into a container whilst the product is recovered in a hopper lying beneath.

Tray erector machines FO-AM-H2/16

The machine offered can form trays from carton blanks sheets.

Carton erector FC-A/6

Our automatic case erector is designed to erect CFC corrugate boxes with different sizes, main features of the machines are user friendly concept, reliability and rapid change size from small to big cartons.

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For over forty years, Officina Freddi s.r.l. has been providing personalized solutions, designing and manufacturing packaging machines.

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